Beijing cross-country skiing points Grand Prix ended

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 4 (reporter Shan Lei Jing Tian Zhang Yi) after finishing the competitions of Bird’s Nest Station and Shougang station, the 4-day and 3-day Grand Prix of 2019’s first group · International snow Federation China Beijing cross-country skiing points officially ended at Yanqing station on the 4th. Norwegian player Harvard Solas won the three-stop men’s championship, Swedish player Lynne somska won the three-stop women’s championship, and Chinese female player dinigel shiramu Jiang ranked eighth in the total score of the three-stop.

The track of Yanqing station is set around Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center. Due to the large number of corners, the application level of techniques and tactics such as over-bending skills of players is very tested. After a full rest, the Chinese players once again launched an impact on the medal, but in the end, no Chinese male players were shortlisted for the quarter-finals.

In terms of Chinese women players, dinigel shiramujiang slipped out of the semi-final with a score of 3 minutes 6 seconds 23 and failed to enter the final with a disadvantage of 0.05 seconds, another Chinese female player, Barani Garin, entered the quarter-finals with the third place in the preliminary match, but fell unexpectedly in the match.

After the game, dinigel shiramujiang said that lack of experience in the game was the biggest reason for failing to enter the final. “Although I have some regrets, I am satisfied with the overall performance of these three stations. After finishing the domestic competition, I will accompany the team to Norway for training, hoping to win greater honor for my motherland in the future.” She said.

The start of the World Volleyball League Jiangmen Railway Station is coming. The Turkish coach smiled and hoped that Zhu Ting would not play.

Turkish coach goodti smiled on the 10th and hoped that Zhu Ting would not play against the Chinese team.

Xinhua News Agency, Jiangmen, June 10 (Reporter Wei Meng) the World Volleyball League (Guangdong Jiangmen) women’s team event will be unveiled on the 11th. Turkish coach goodti smiled on the 10th and hoped that Zhu Ting would not play against the Chinese team.

On that day, the head coaches of the four teams of China, the United States, Turkey and Poland introduced the preparation status of their respective teams at the pre-match press conference. Lang Ping, head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, said that this was an opportunity for the Chinese women’s volleyball team to train the team and a very rare training before the Tokyo Olympic Games, the team will go all out to contribute a wonderful game to the Jiangmen audience.

As Zhu Ting’s coach in Turkey’s wakiefer Bank team, the current head coach of Turkish women’s volleyball team goodti said: “We have made a lot of targeted preparations for the match with the Chinese team, our team is very familiar with Zhu Ting. She is an excellent player, and I prefer not to play against the Chinese team.”

On the evening of 11th, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will welcome the first opponent of this competition, Poland. Polish head coach Gasek said that the teams participating in this competition are very strong, but the Polish women’s volleyball team is fully prepared, “We just won the Swiss women’s volleyball Elite Championship, and the current status is very good, don’t fear any opponents”.