Lapino penalty kick “double-fire gun” American women’s football team narrowly wins Spain’s promotion to the top eight

Relying on captain Rapino’s two penalty kick tablets, the world’s No. 1 US team defeated Spain with 2:1.

Xinhua News Agency, France, Lance, June 24th, defending champion America entered the top eight women’s football World Cup on the 24th, but it was not easy for them to win against Spain. Relying on captain Rapino’s two penalty kick tablets, the world’s No. 1 US team defeated Spain with 2:1.

Compared with the last round of group matches against the Chinese team, the Spanish team has two changes in the starting line-up. Putlias and Lozada entered the starting line. Ellis, the head coach of the US team, made an adjustment. Eltz replaced Holland in the midfield position.

In the seventh minute of the opening, the Heath penalty area was violated by opponents, and Lapino hit penalty kick steadily. The Spanish team equalized the score in just two minutes. Forward elmosoli made a mistake in passing the ball with his opponent and won the goal. This is the first time that the US team has broken goal in this World Cup.

In the 13th minute, Lapino received Lavel through ball at the back of the point, and then shot the door low. Spanish goalkeeper Panios blocked the near angle of goal, blocking the ball out of the boundary.

After the two teams entered the second half with a 1:1 balance, the Spanish team continued to put pressure on the defending champion, but they still fell into a negative situation again because of a foul in the penalty area.

In the 76th minute, the Spanish team kicked down Laver during the fight in the torresilia penalty area. The referee was reminded by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to check the playback on the court, and then made a penalty kick penalty. The performance of Lapino, who stood at 12 yards and penalty kick points again, was still stable. Panios guessed the right direction, but failed to prevent the ball from drilling into the net nest.

After that, the Spanish team made a substitution adjustment with the intention of equalizing the score. However, the score of 2:1 was still maintained until the end. The Spanish team, who entered the World Cup final table for the second time, unfortunately stopped at the top 16.

Lapino became the second single player in the World Cup history to win two yuan in penalty kick. El Moso once did this in the group match against South Africa. After the game, Lapino was elected as the best player of the game.

“We should be proud of our performance.” Spanish coach Bilda said, “in terms of competition, we can compete with the best team in the world, and all the players have made great efforts for this. We will grow from this defeat and firmly believe that the players will have full confidence in their future.”

In the quarter-finals, the US team will stage a strong dialogue with the host French team at the Prince Park stadium in Paris. The latter eliminated the Brazilian team by adding 2:1 on the 23rd.

“The war will make me more excited, which is also the reason why I work as a professional sports coach. The game will be crazy and glued. There are many excellent players on both sides. Let’s welcome the game together.” Ellis said.

Asian crown forward-looking: Luneng has its own advantages against Johor.

Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, April 8 (reporter Xiao Haichuan, Wu Shuguang) the Asian crown group competition entered the third round. Shandong Luneng Taishan, Group E, will host Malaysia Johor DT on the 9th. At the pre-match press conference held on the 8th, both the host and the guest showed cautious low-key, hoping to bring a wonderful game to the fans.

This game will be the first match between the two teams in the Asian championship. In the first two rounds of battle, Luneng Taishan successively drew South Korea’s Qingnan and Japan’s Kashima Antlers, temporarily ranking second in the group with a weak number of goals. Although Johor DT, the new army of the Asian crown, only achieved one level and one negative, and the team was at the bottom, the technical and tactical level and spiritual outlook shown in the competition should not be underestimated.

Luneng coach Li Xiaopeng said that the team used two Super League games to adjust the lineup, and the players were fully rotated in order to concentrate on coping with the Asian championship. “Before the game, we didn’t do targeted training. This game will stick to me and kick out our own style.” Li Xiaopeng said that the team will do their best to bring a fast-paced and wonderful game.

There are many foreign aid and naturalized players in the visiting team. In the face of such opponents, Li Xiaopeng believes that in the Asian championship, every game is a close match. “The other party is not in a weak position and has an advantage in ground transmission and control. But we have the upper hand in physical confrontation and aggressiveness, depending on which team plays better.” Li Xiaopeng revealed that Wang Tong will enter the big list in this competition.

“This is our first time to participate in the Asian Championship. Luneng is one of the best teams in Asia. In the 9th game, we will maintain the competitive state of the first two games and play our own style.” George Alvarez, assistant coach of Johor DT, said the team would try its best to win the match.

“Diving Queen” gives a helping hand to the former national hand of Chinese men’s volleyball team

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, July 5 (reporter Xia Liang) “diving queen” Gao Min took the 200000 yuan public welfare fund raised by the Beijing Xingneng public welfare foundation initiated by her on the afternoon of the 5th, I came to Hangzhou Chengdong hospital to visit Zheng Liang, the former national leader of the Chinese men’s volleyball team.

Zheng Liang, 49 years old this year, was once a member of the “golden generation” of Chinese men’s volleyball team. In 2017, Zheng Liang had symptoms of leg numbness, which became more and more serious in the later period and was difficult to walk. He was later diagnosed as spinal cord disease. After seeking medical treatment and examination, it is still impossible to determine the cause of the disease. Now Zheng Liang is in bed at home and cannot take care of himself.

Once praised as the highest dancer in Asia, but now he can only stay in bed all day long. The huge contrast did not defeat Zheng Liang. For Life, Zheng Liang, who is on the sickbed, is still optimistic. He wrote in the circle of friends: what he thought could not pass, he even passed quietly. I only hope that happiness is a little more, sadness is a little less, the mood is a little happy, and everything goes smoothly. The rest of your life-happy every day!

Zheng Liang’s words also touched Gao Min. She wrote in The Love Fund-raising for Zheng Liang: He showed us a man struggling in the stormy waves, we are adjusting our mentality to watch the sea and listen to the Tao. This is a kind of pride that only surpasses ourselves, and it is also a kind of power to move on. Let’s become the driving force on his way forward together!

5785 transmission of love, the target fund-raising amount of 200000 yuan was reached in less than five days. “We set up a public welfare foundation to encourage retired poor and disabled athletes like Zheng Liang who once contributed to China’s sports industry but unfortunately encountered difficulties, hoping that they would become champions in their lives.” Gao Min said.

“Not counting daily living expenses, except for the part of medical insurance reimbursement, the one-year nursing fee plus medical expenses should be at least 150000. This charity fund really helped a lot.” For the help of Gao Min and the foundation, Zheng Liang said frankly: “Thank you, thank you, moved!”

Zheng Liang said that the endless care and blessing of loving people from all walks of life gave him great courage, allowing him to face the challenges in life firmly and continue to walk bravely.