FIFA article praises the development of Chinese women’s football team to gain new impetus

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 10th the official website of FIFA recently published an article entitled “new impetus for China women soccer development”, praising the new policy launched by the Chinese Football Association in promoting the development of women’s football.

The article published on the 8th local time in Switzerland said: “. As this Chinese proverb says, the Chinese Football Association has recently issued a new policy aimed at promoting the development of women’s football in the near future and beyond.”

The “new deal” mentioned in the article refers to the latest adjustment made by the Chinese Football Association to the entry regulations of Chinese Football Association professional clubs.

On January 3, the Chinese Football Association issued a notice on adding and adjusting part of the content of “professional clubs support the development of women’s football. According to relevant documents, all clubs applying for the qualification of Chinese Super League should have a women’s football team. In the entry regulations of 2019, the construction of women’s football team was the “C standard” advocacy standard, and the club prepared for team formation. In the next year’s admission review, this standard will be upgraded to the mandatory standard of “standard A”, and clubs without women’s football will not be eligible for admission to the Chinese Super League.

This article on the official website of FIFA quoted Du Zhaocai, deputy director of the General Administration of Sport of China and secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Football Association, saying: “The Chinese women’s football team has a glorious history and a glorious tradition, the spirit of ‘beautiful and energetic policewoman inspired a generation. In order to revive the glory of women’s football, Chinese Football Association will plus-sized support for women’s football from the aspects of organization and management system, youth training, competition, coach training, etc. Among them, promoting the development of professional clubs is one of the important measures.”

Du zhaicai said in the interview that many top clubs in the world also have women’s teams. Driven by their men’s team, their women’s team has also achieved rapid development and great success. In the process of developing women’s football, China can learn from this model. Therefore, the Chinese Football Association decided that before 2020, every Chinese Super League team must have a women’s football team, so as to realize the development strategy of “Men’s back-feeding women’s football. In addition to professional clubs, China will learn from the development experience of American women’s football, further strengthen cooperation with education departments, and vigorously develop campus women’s football, especially college women’s football, jointly run the campus league with the university team as the main body.

Du zhaicai also said: “At the national team level, we have introduced a competition mechanism and established the red and yellow teams. The athletes will compete for the opportunity to represent the country. The women’s national team will take the red team as the leader, the yellow team as the competition and supplement, the U20 Women’s national team as the connection, and the U17 Women’s national team as the basis to build a large national team system with unified technical and tactical style.”

The French women’s football World Cup will be held this year. Du Zhaocai said in an interview with FIFA’s official website that the Chinese Football Association hopes to use this opportunity to comprehensively promote the overall development of the Chinese women’s football team. He said: “All eyes are focused on France in 2019. The Chinese Football Association hopes to take advantage of this World Cup to attract more attention to our women’s football team and better promote women’s football. The Chinese women’s football team once set a brilliant record in history and won the second place in the 1999 World Cup. In this women’s football World Cup, I place my expectations on the Chinese women’s football team. I hope that women’s football girls can perform well on the World Cup stage, continue to carry forward the spirit of “beautiful and energetic policewoman” of Chinese women’s football team, and further highlight the spirit of Chinese sports, inject new vitality into the development of Chinese football and bring positive football energy to the whole society.”

The idol Yao Ming is looking forward to breaking into a sky in the United States-an exclusive interview with Han Xu, the women’s basketball national player

Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, January 22, question: watching the idol Yao Ming is looking forward to breaking into a sky in the United States — an exclusive interview with Women’s Basketball National hand Han Xu

Xinhua news agency reporters Sun Zhe and Ma Di

averaged 15.9 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.1 cap, this is the report card of WCBA rookie Han Xu. Like Xinjiang Women’s Basketball, Han Xu went higher and lower this season and was finally selected as the WCBA All-Star starter. She is looking forward to going to America like her idol Yao Ming.

From “sleeping” to “activated” Cainiao season self-assessment 80 points

Asian Games, women’s basketball World Cup…… Han Xu didn’t join the team until the WCBA opener. At the beginning of the season, Xinjiang Women’s Basketball, which was “changed blood”, lacked running-in, and his record declined, and Han Xu’s performance was not as good as expected.

“People have high expectations for me, but I didn’t find a suitable way to play, just like falling asleep.” Han Xu said, “at the beginning of the season, the team lacked tacit understanding. There were often mistakes when the ball passed and people ran away. At that time, they thought it would be good to enter the playoffs.”

After 9 rounds of the regular season, the former Jiangsu coach Xiong Yan took over Shuai Yin, and the national team assistant joined the coaching team Murat. In the following 25 regular season matches, Xinjiang won 23 games and Han Xu was completely activated. The “two pairs” data of “20+10” has become normal.

The change of low opening and high walking made Han Xu full of confidence. She scored 80 points for her rookie season. “Xiong’s guidance is more flexible for me. Foreign Aid gave me more football rights after leaving the team, and I gradually found the feeling when I was in the national team.” Han Xu said.

It is the trend of basketball in the world that big players have three-point projection ability, but Han Xu is cautious about developing new “skill packages”, “tossing is not my focus now, it is the top priority to lay a good internal Foundation”. Throughout the regular season, the basketball aim high and the China Investment Center are the main scoring methods of Han Xu.

During the second half of the league, Han Xu “enjoyed” The treatment like a superstar and was often defended by the opponent’s bag clip, which made her feel a lot of pressure. However, for the upcoming playoffs, Han Xu has not lost his temper. “Although I am a little nervous, the team is getting smoother and smoother. We must believe that we and the team have the ability to win higher honors”.

Father Yan mother “lead the way” school basketball achievement self

Han Xu was born in a basketball family. His parents were basketball players. His father Han fashun once played for Sichuan men’s basketball. “My mother is very strict with me, but my father who rarely goes home is relatively gentle.” Han Xu said, “If my mother is not strict enough, I can’t stick to many things.”

Since I got in touch with basketball, my parents are Han Xu’s technical guidance and sparring. Almost after every game, they will explain to her. “The center of gravity is a little lower, the rebound should be held first, and the steps under the basket should be solid……” Han Xu said with a smile, “every time they are both a ‘small write ‘.”

Nowadays, whenever the Xinjiang team has a continuous home court, parents will come from Hebei to watch the match. The two knew very well that it was not easy for their daughter to enter professional basketball at the beginning, and the focus of communication after the game also changed from comments to encouragement. “I almost don’t train me now. I have praised me recently. I may think that I have entered the national team, afraid of being wrong.” Han Xu joked.

Xiong Yan has said many times that Han Xu has high understanding and deep understanding of techniques and tactics. Most of the time, he can get through a little. Han Xu believes that this is due to the Affiliated High School of Tsinghua University, his alma mater. Along the way, from basic training to mentality training, the coach gave her great help. In junior high school, she also studied in class with other classmates. Under the influence of each other, Han Xu has a good learning ability.

“The National High School League and overseas training at that time were all very valuable for me to exercise.” Han Xu said that it was also during the middle school affiliated to Tsinghua University that she was successively selected into the national character teams at all levels and was finally called into the national team by Xu Limin.

Career small goal: Landing in WNBA within 3 years

height, arm length, soft hand feeling, strong mobility, due to similar physical conditions and technical characteristics, many fans call Han Xu the “female version of Zhou Qi” and expect her to emerge in the WNBA arena. In fact, many people in the basketball industry at home and abroad are full of the same expectation for her.

Not long ago, Xinjiang Foreign aid Rolle said that if Han Xu participated in the WNBA draft, he would be selected in the top 5. “Her evaluation is better than what she received before, which shows that I have improved. I hope her prediction can come true.” Han Xu said that the recognition of foreign scouts and WNBA players has always brought her more confidence.

Although the voice of participating in the WNBA draft as soon as possible is getting higher and higher, Han Xu himself is very calm. She believes that it is good to log on to WNBA early to receive higher-level training and competition, but only after physical confrontation and psychological preparation can we go further, “The deadline I gave myself is 2 to 3 years”.

The goal is not far away, but the road in front of you still needs to go well. Han Xu recently found an English teacher to learn languages through videos, and he would follow Rolle to practice oral english during training. “Our foreign aid also has to face unfamiliar environment, language and diet, giving me some time to adapt. I think it should be no problem to go to America by myself.” Han Xu said.

When playing overseas with the national youth team, scouts once commented that Han Xu “played as soft as ‘noodle ‘”, which touched her a lot. For this reason, she has already focused on diet and strength training, but the effect is not obvious, “she will further adjust during the off-season”. The situation of light weight and lack of strength is very similar to her childhood idol Yao Ming before landing in NBA.

In the past two years, Han Xu and Yao Ming have had several exchanges. Han Xu said that Yao Ming’s self-discipline and struggle in adversity made her feel admired, “I hope that like him, I can go to WNBA to create a road and go to America to make a sky”.

Qingdao (Lacey) 2019 world leisure sports conference event launch ceremony held

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, May 1st, the spring of May is strong, and the branches are so new. On the morning of May 1st, the launching ceremony of the 2019 World leisure sports conference in Qingdao (Laixi) was held in the People’s Square of Laixi city, Qingdao, it marks the official opening of the 6-month third world leisure sports conference.

The launching ceremony of the event was themed “Qingdao Laixi is waiting for you to come. Table tennis world champion, Qiao Yunping, deputy director of Shandong Sports Bureau, Luo Xin, deputy mayor of Qingdao, Che Jinghua, director of Qingdao Sports Bureau, Cai Quanji, deputy secretary of the Party group and deputy director of Qingdao Culture and Tourism Bureau, secretary of Laixi Municipal Party Committee, zhuang Guangsheng, director of the organizing committee of the leisure sports conference, Jiang Shuiqing, deputy secretary of Laixi Municipal Committee, mayor and director of the organizing committee of the leisure sports conference, Zhao Xisheng, director of the Standing Committee of Laixi Municipal People’s Congress, Zou Xuexin, chairman of Laixi municipal CPPCC, People’s Network Director of Physical Education Department, people’s sports chairman Zhu Kai, people’s sports chief operating officer Lin Feng, director of the people’s sports career development center, director of the Executive Committee of the leisure sports conference on Zol, senior director of CCTV, chief planning of the Executive Committee of the leisure sports conference Qiu Ke, wang Yiming, vice president and secretary general of China Cultural Management Association, network work culture committee, executive deputy secretary general of China Media Integration Committee, deputy secretary general of China Cultural Management Association Sports Culture Committee, deputy director of Leisure Sports Conference Executive Committee, ning Tuo Sports chairman Wang Ning, as well as the image ambassador of this leisure sports conference, Laixi Olympic archery champion Zhang Juanjuan and Olympic champion, world champion Qian Hong, Yang Ling, Xing Aowei, Mo Huilan, Bi Wenjing, Chai Yunlong, liu Chunhong attended the launching ceremony of the event, and the Brazilian athlete G, who won the World Championship in the bandlet competition for many times ustavo performed live. More than 6,000 people from all walks of life at the scene felt the charm of leisure sports at close range and enjoyed the fun of sports and leisure. Jiang Shuiqing, Zhu Kai and Qiao Yunping delivered speeches successively.

In the morning, the spring breeze blows slowly, the green trees are swaying, and the People’s Square of Laixi city is filled with a festive atmosphere to welcome the grand event. At 08:08, the opening ceremony of the event officially began, and all the staff stood up to sing the national anthem.

Later, Jiang Shuiqing gave a speech on the stage. She said that Laixi city would thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on sports work, adhere to the people-centered approach, adopt the method of “professional operation and market-oriented operation”, and follow the “Laixi home court, the principle of people-led”, adhere to the principle of “green, open, sharing and frugality”, truly let leisure enter life, let life integrate into nature, and accelerate the construction of international leisure tourism destinations. At the same time, Lacey will seize 15 offensive opportunities such as “breaking through Pingdu Lacey” and “international fashion city construction” to hold leisure sports conferences and vigorously develop leisure economy. Through holding leisure sports conferences, we will promote industrial integration and resource gathering, lead fashion and benefit people’s livelihood, strive to build Lacey into “China’s Leisure Sports City”, and effectively invigorate the city of Lacey, it provides a new model for deepening and expanding the “Lacey Experience.

Zhu Kai said in his speech that people’s daily online and people’s sports, as one of the organizers and organizers of this conference, adhere to the concept of “running a meeting well and invigorating a city” and adopt the concept of “openness, modernity, the principle of vitality and fashion is to provide overall planning, publicity, event operation and market development for Qingdao (Lacey) 2019 world leisure sports conference, and to provide more abundant, leisure sports events and activities that meet diversified needs, expand the connotation of the conference, create high-quality content products, connect diversified industrial services, and boost the development of local sports industry in depth, promote the local sports industry to improve quality and efficiency, and strive to make this leisure sports conference a natural sports and leisure event, presenting a wonderful, fair and orderly fierce event to the world.

Qiao Yunping said in his speech that this leisure sports conference aims at promoting the development of leisure industry and guiding the practice of leisure life, highlighting the people-centered concept and focusing on the integration of fashion elements, to drive people to pursue a healthy life and improve their quality of life to the greatest extent, to suit the general trend and conform to the trend. I believe that the beautiful picture of leisure sports integrating into life and the happiness brought by sports and fitness will become the eternal memory of this leisure sports conference; This wonderful and unforgettable leisure sports feast, it will add a new fashion bright color to the green island full of oriental charm.

After the speech, representatives of eight service guarantee teams, including public security, health, sanitation, transportation and volunteers, who were dressed in uniforms, entered the stadium and took the oath with their fists held high, declaring Lacey ready, guests from all parties are welcome. After the oath was completed, eight Olympic champions, including Zhang Juanjuan, Qian Hong, Yang Ling, Xing Aowei, Mo Huilan, Bi Wenjing, Chai Yunlong and Liu Chunhong, and the world champion respectively gave flags to representatives of each team. The bright flags waved in the wind, showing the confidence of the Lacey people’s guarantee event to be successfully held.

In the artistic performance, drum martial arts, bandlet performance, Tai Chi cheongsam fashion show, children’s cheerleading, Lacey yangko dance and other programs full of rich regional characteristics and modern fashion elements are wonderful, won the applause from the audience. Among them, the Brazilian athlete who won the World Championship for many times Gustavo and the national champion Huang Jiaquan and libaixian performed bandlet programs on the spot, walking, jumping on a bandlet with a width of about 2.5cm with bare hands, rolling and other technical movements, integrating challenges, competitions, performances and appreciation, are like “aerial ballet”, which attracts cheers from the audience.

At 09:15, Luoxin, the vice mayor of Qingdao, announced the launch of the Qingdao (Lacey) 2019 world leisure sports conference. Zhu Kai, Qiao Yunping, Che Jinghua, Zhuang Guangsheng, Jiang Shuiqing, image ambassador Zhang Juanjuan and 7 Olympic champions and world champions, on the stage together, the Qingdao quicksand, which symbolizes the gathering of strength, was used to spread “Qingdao Laixi is waiting for you to come” colored and shaped. Warm applause and cheers were heard in the audience. The Qingdao (Laixi) 2019 world leisure sports conference was officially launched!

The ceremony ended in the grand square dance “Qingdao Lacey is waiting for you” and the passionate flash “Me and My Motherland.

This conference is hosted by the World Leisure Organization, Shandong Sports Bureau, Qingdao Municipal Peoples Government and People’s Daily Online; Qingdao Sports Bureau, Laixi municipal people’s government and people’s sports; Ningtuo sports co-organized. Different from previous leisure sports conferences, the running cycle of this leisure sports conference is extended to 6 months, and the conference will be held from May to October, including hiking carnival, football, bicycle, archery, chess, three-person basketball, kayak, paddle board, UAV race, Frisbee, rock climbing, marathon and other 20 events.

Qingdao (Lacey) 2019 world leisure sports conference adheres to the concept of “green, sharing, openness and frugality”, highlights government-led and market-oriented operations, and adopts sports, tourism, the way of combining culture can lengthen the meeting cycle and promote the integration and development of sports and tourism, culture and science and technology industries in Laixi city. At the same time, this leisure sports conference insists on the combination of competitive sports and leisure sports, the combination of fashion sports and traditional sports, professional competitions and national fitness competitions, and conforms to the development trend of the Leisure era, promote the development of leisure industry such as leisure pension, leisure tourism and leisure culture, and strive to build Lacey into an “international leisure tourism destination” and “China’s Leisure Sports City” through the World Leisure sports conference “. (Wei Kang)