The International Olympic Committee agreed that the inter-Korean team will participate in four events of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Data map: the inter-Korean delegation entered the Jakarta Asian Games. Taken by Hou Yu, China News Agency reporter

China News Agency, Beijing, February 16 -geneva news: on the 15th local time, the International Olympic Committee held a tripartite working meeting with the North and South Korea at its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, where delegates discussed matters related to the Olympic Games. The meeting agreed that, on the basis of observing the guiding principles of major and sub-items of the relevant Olympic Games and obtaining the relevant qualification for the competition, it is agreed that North Korea and South Korea will jointly form teams to participate in the competition of four projects such as women’s basketball in Tokyo Olympic Games.

According to the official website of the International Olympic Committee, after research, it is agreed that the North and South Korea will jointly form teams to participate in the women’s basketball, women’s hockey, judo mixed group competition and rowing project of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the premise is that the inter-Korean United team can get the qualification in the above projects.

The News said that the two Koreas were still considering the joint formation of teams to participate in more Olympic projects. The International Olympic Committee informed them that if they applied in time before the Olympic qualifier, they would consider it.

The International Olympic Committee said that all parties agreed to continue to take the preliminary results of this working meeting as the basis and resolve all outstanding issues in close consultation. Any result needs to be approved by the IOC executive committee, which will hold its next meeting in Lausanne on March 26-28.

In addition, the two sides also formally proposed that they hope to jointly bid for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee welcomed this initiative, prepared to assist both sides in the technical details of the event organization, and invited the joint working group of the two Koreas to visit the International Olympic Committee again to discuss various possibilities.

International Olympic Committee President Bach said: “We have a good foundation to continue and achieve further development before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Sports will continue to build bridges to show the unity of the Olympic Games. Therefore, we warmly welcome the historic initiative of the two Koreas to jointly bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics.”

The President of the Korean Olympic Committee, the gold and daylight color sports minister and the South Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, both Zhong huan, agreed that the two sides had continued close communication since the successful cooperation in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, looking forward to hosting the Summer Olympics in Pyongyang and Seoul.

The Korean delegation joined hands at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and jointly formed a women’s ice hockey team to participate in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be the first Summer Olympic Games in which the two sides jointly form teams to participate. (Finished)

“National Sweetheart” Shi Yuting Olympic Games is the biggest goal

In the new season, Shi Yuting strives to get Saika of the first-class daily tour. Figure/women’s tour

Shi Yuting’s birthday: 1998/3/5

Height: 1.71 m constellation: Pisces

Project: Golf

Transfer time: 2014

Sports Team: China golf national team

World ranking: 369

Personal hobby: Singing

Favorite Color: Pink

Major achievements:

● Zhuhai International Women’s Challenge champion (2016)

● champion of Beijing women’s elite competition (2017, 2018)

After three months of high-intensity winter training, Shi Yuting, a professional female golf player, started the new season with a runner-up. Women’s Tour-China trust elite competition last weekend, Shi Yuting accepted an exclusive interview with The Beijing News during the competition, detailing the effectiveness of winter training and the new season plan. “National Sweetheart”, who just passed his 21st birthday last month, said that the biggest goal of the 2019 season was to impact the qualification of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Shi Yuting won the champion and Peng Yuzhen invited dinner?

Q: What is your favorite decompression method?

A: sing.

Q: songs that KTV must order?

A: What I miss. (Singing) what I miss is nothing to say, what I miss is dreaming together……

Q: Favorite Star?

A: Peng Yuzhen.

Q: If you can ask Peng Yuzhen a question, what do you want to ask?

A: How to keep such A good figure?

Q: Do you want Peng Yuzhen to help you fulfill a wish?

A: I won the championship and invited me to dinner.

Q: How to vent when you are unhappy?

A: In fact, I can hardly see that I am angry, because I am not very

When you are happy, you usually have few words. If you vent, you may eat cake.

Q: What will be the part of P for picture repair?

A: thin face.

Q: high heels or flat shoes?

A: I like to wear flat shoes, more comfortable

Q: domineering president or gentle boy?

A: gentle boy.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: calm, tangled and tough.

Q: use three words to describe my sister.

A: lively, cheerful and strong outbreak.

Q: If you can only bring 3 kinds of cosmetics when you go out, which 3 kinds do you bring?

A: powder, lipstick, hand cream.

Q: What kind of boys do you like?

A: clean, tidy and comfortable.

Prepare for War

Winter training has improved three pieces

Beijing News: The new season started with a runner-up, is this the result of winter training?

Shi Yuting: it can be said that this winter training is the most ruthless one I have ever practiced. Last year, after finishing the last pass of the daily patrol exam, the next day I flew to Shenzhen to start winter training. Physical training is one aspect. At first, I thought what I lacked was explosive power. Later coach Xiao said that I had some flexibility problems, which limited my rotation and power. This time, it is equivalent to improving the explosive force, flexibility and stability simultaneously.

In the past, it was possible that the distance could be far away for a period of time, but it was difficult to last. After this winter training, I have made up all the deficiencies. Now the distance (playing) is really far away, and I will not retreat back.

Beijing News: How much is the increase in strength or distance?

Shi Yuting: for strength practice, I can only lift 10 kilograms at first, but now I can lift 35 kilograms. Before, I could do up to 3 push-ups, and now I can do 10 with a 15-pound load. As a result, my swing speed has improved a lot. For example, the average swing speed of No. 1 Wood is 87 (note: miles/hour) from the previous one, and now the fastest swing is 97, which can reach 94 on average. The distance of No. 1 Wood has increased by at least 10-20 yards, and the iron rod has basically increased by half to No. 1.

Happily, many people say that I have lost weight, but in fact, my weight has not changed much, but I have done quite successfully in terms of increasing muscle and reducing fat.

Beijing News: Will three-point exercise and seven-point eating be strictly controlled in diet?

Shi Yuting: Yes, I am very strict in diet. I have to restrain myself from eating a lot of things. Of course, I also feel that there is no fun in life, so I occasionally have a “indulgence”. For example, this week is cake day, and I can eat a fried food next week, you will also give yourself a small reward if you perform well.


Shock Award Kingking aiming at the Olympic Games

Beijing News: What are the plans for the 2019 season?

Shi Yuting: This year is mainly dominated by the second-level daily tour. The goal is to win the second-level prize Kingking and get the entry card for the first-level tour next year. Now we are also fighting for some foreign cards for the first-class day tour and Korean tour.

Beijing News: What are the gains from the Japanese tour in 2016 to the fourth year of this year?

Shi Yuting: the Japanese tour is relatively intensive. I think the main reason is that the adjustment ability has been improved, including how to pinch the time to rest. The stadium of the Japanese tour is also very difficult. I have greatly improved my strategy in the stadium. In the past two years, I lost the day tour card, which can be said to be the lowest point in my golf career. Fortunately, in the past two years, I have learned how to adjust and relax.

My biggest gain is to understand a truth. If you really feel happy living in the present, you will have a greater chance of success.

Beijing News: The countdown to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games has entered. Do you want to rush?

Shi Yuting: I still want to spell it. I know it is difficult. Sister Shanshan and sister Liu Yu are all excellent now, but I will still try my best to fight for it, strive to get Saika of the first-class daily tour participants and get higher world credits. The 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, the atmosphere is familiar, want to try my best to fight. Olympic Games is my biggest goal and also my biggest source of motivation.


Being with my sister is like two of me

Beijing News: It is 4 years old different from sister Shi Xiaoli, but is it good to be born on the same day in the same month?

Shi Yuting: we are all natural production, and I also think it is a coincidence. But although our birthdays and constellations are the same, our personalities are quite different. She is more cheerful and more like her mother. Many people who are familiar with us think that we are all sisters taking care of me outside, as if she is a sister, I AM sister.

Our playing styles and strategies are also very different. My sister is very radical, that is, to rush forward. I will consider a lot and take a lot of notes.

Beijing News: Will the contrast with my sister’s personality cause friction in life?

Shi Yuting: when I was a child, I also quarreled. My sister always grabbed food and drinks with me, bullied me and made me cry. But now we have the best relationship, closer than mom and dad, and the best bosom friend who has nothing to say. Maybe my sister and I will share the secrets that many parents and the closest friends around us do not know.

Beijing News: Is there any special interaction with my sister?

Shi Yuting: There are many ceremonial things between our sisters. When I was young, I would make some small cards and draw XINGX on them. If she performed well, I would reward one. For example, three small stars could be changed into one thing, and five could do one thing, but she should not eat me now.

Now my sister often writes me some sticky note and small cards and gives me add fuel, which is very warm. There was a Japanese tour last year, and that stadium happened to be the venue my sister often played. It was a surprise to open the yard size book and a small tip my sister wrote to me.

Beijing News: last year, my sister changed her career. Will the sisters feel different when they compete together?

Shi Yuting: it can be said that our dream of the first step has come true. We will become professional players together and compete in the same competition. Even we have a small goal to play in the same group in the competition, this was also achieved in last year’s Blue Bay Masters competition.

This kind of feeling is really different. It’s like two of me playing basketball. Sometimes I don’t play well, but my sister will be very happy when she plays well, as if she has more strength.

Beijing News Reporter Deng Hanyu reported in Guangzhou