Hebei launches the theme activity of “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympics”

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, May 11 (reporter Yang Fan, Zhao Hongyu) on the 11th, the 1000-day countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, “Winter Olympics is right beside me”, the theme series of Winter Olympics in Hebei province was launched at the Hebei Olympic Sports Center, the on-site “Beijing Winter Olympics countdown 1000 days” was officially unveiled on Countdown board.

Gather together and move forward. The 1000-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics is a landmark moment in the preparation process of the Winter Olympics. Zhang Zefeng, director of Hebei Province Sports Bureau, said that Hebei, as the main host of Beijing Winter Olympics skiing events, embodies the trust and trust of the Party Central Committee and bears the expectations and dreams of the whole nation, this made Hebei sports people feel the glory and lofty mission, and also greatly stimulated the determination and fighting spirit of Hebei sports people to seize the opportunity of Winter Olympics and build a strong sports province and a strong ice and snow sports province.

The reporter learned from the interview that since the successful Olympic bid, Hebei province has been preparing for the Winter Olympics according to the requirements of “one moment can’t stop, one step can’t be wrong, and one day can’t be delayed, overall promotion of the construction of ice and snow sports team, popularization of mass ice and snow sports, ice and snow sports industry and training of ice and snow talents: 17 ice and snow professional sports teams have been established, and the number of participants in ice and snow sports has exceeded 10 million, it has cultivated a series of popular Ice and Snow brand activities and spawned many new formats of ice and snow industry.

Zhang Zefeng said that the theme series of “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympics” will fully demonstrate the development achievements of ice and snow sports in Hebei province and show the pride of Hebei People in organizing Winter Olympics, strive to create a strong atmosphere for the whole province to welcome the Winter Olympics.

The on-site organizer released the 1000-day countdown “Beautiful Hebei, meet Winter Olympics” promotional film, showing Hebei’s continuous growth and progress in the preparation process of Winter Olympics, and also showing the joy and expectation of 75 million Hebei people.

Hebei ice and snow sports image ambassador and Sochi Winter Olympics short track speed skating women’s 500 m champion Li Jianrou made an initiative to ice and snow athletes on the spot: new achievements should be made in the new era, starting from me, ice and Snow athletes should take an active part in ice and snow, contribute to the Winter Olympics, cherish patriotism and honor the country, carry forward the Olympic spirit, assume the mission of the times, and contribute to the construction of a strong sports province in the new era and a strong province in ice and snow sports.

The director of the State General Administration of Sports, the executive chairman of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, Yu Zhongwen, the governor of Hebei province and the executive chairman of Beijing Winter Olympic organizing committee Xu Qin unveiled the countdown board “1000 days Countdown to Beijing Winter Olympic Games. (Finished)

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