Chinese men’s football Olympic team insurance Ping Malaysia has passed the first pass of “Olympic Games”

China News Agency, Kuala Lumpur, March 27 (Reporter Chen Yue) the Chinese men’s football Olympic team fell behind twice at the Shaalan stadium in Malaysia on the evening of 26th, and tied twice. Finally, the Malaysian U23 team was drawn 2-2, he graduated from Group J in the U23 football Asia Championship qualifier and the first stage qualifier of the Tokyo Olympic Games with the first result of the group, and passed the first pass of the competition qualification for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Chinese Olympic team, which had won two consecutive victories and had a much more net goal than the host Malaysia team, once again faced the familiar situation of “being able to qualify after a draw”-in the Barcelona Olympic Games qualifier and the Atlanta Olympic Games qualifier, it was also in Malaysia, the Chinese team two times in the last round “draw will be able to qualify”, but two times to fold the halberd in South Korea.

In the game on the evening of 26th, the Chinese Olympic team once seemed to “historical reenactment”. Only 10 minutes after the opening, Zhu Chenjie’s oolong ball led Malaysia. Zhang yoning then equalized the score with header. However, only 10 minutes after the opening of the second half, goalkeeper Chen Wei’s mistake led Malaysia again.

Seeing that the Chinese team has been unable to open the situation for a long time, the coach of the Chinese Olympic team, Hiddink, sent a high-school center to have a happy fight. At 84 minutes, Jiang Shenglong finally equalized the score with header.

The Chinese Olympic team, which won two wins and one ping, won the first place in the group Malaysia team by winning the goal. The Lao U23 team and the Philippine U23 team ranked third and fourth in the group. To win the Second Malaysia team of the group, you need to wait for the end of each group of the qualifier to determine whether you can qualify as the second of the four groups with the best results.

The successful exit from the group means that the Chinese Olympic team will participate in the final stage of the U23 football Asia Championship to be held in Thailand next year. At that time, there will be three teams that can stand out from the event and represent Asia to participate in the Tokyo Olympics together with the host Japanese team of the Olympic Games.

At the post-match press conference, Hiddink said frankly that it was difficult to get competition opportunities in the club and affected the development of most Olympic players. This was the third time he talked about this topic at the press conference in this qualifier. In the view of the world famous coach, if you want to continue the road of “fighting against the Olympics”, the Olympic players need more experience. (Finished)

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